1.The opposite side of the earth from the United States is _____.

2. Two points that on opposite sides of the earth from each other are called what?

3. Penguins do not live at just the South Pole. In fact, of the seventeen species of penguins, only the emperor and Adelie, are actually confined to the Antarctic continent. Do penguins live at the North Pole?

4. Do any penguins live on the equator?

5. What is petrified wood?

6. Where are the largest pyramids in the world found?

7. What is the difference between rabbits and hares?

8. Is the jackrabbit a rabbit or a hare?

9. Is the Belgian Hare a rabbit or a hare?

10. The official name of the Statue of Liberty is what?

11. Who designed and built the Statue of Liberty?

12. In what year was the Statue of Liberty built?

13. Was the Statue of Liberty originally placed in New york or in New Jersey?

14. Why can the Statue of Liberty be called a minature Eiffel Tower?

15. How big is the common piece of lumber known as the "two-by-four"?

16. What is the world's highest mountain?


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