1. Which is heavier cotton or water?

2. What was Frankenstein's first name?

3. How many dimples does a regulation golf ball have?

4. Who was the first President of the United States?

5. Who produced the first movie version of Frankenstein in 1910?

6. Which state was the thirty-ninth to be admitted to the Union?

7. If you fall in "quicksand" will it pull you under?

8. Which is more common, an eclipse of the sun or an eclipse of the moon?

9. According to the "Guiness Book of World Records", what is the most difficult tongue-twister of all time?

10. After reviewing his life, who said, "If I had only known, I would have been a locksmith"?

11. What is the difference between a wiener and a frankfurter?

12. The first coin officially minted by the U.S. Government had what motto on it?

13. Which is heavier, a pound of gold or a pound of feathers?

14. Can you name some striking parallels between the lives and deaths of John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln?

15. It has nine letters and only one vowel. It is the longest one-syllable word in the English language. What is it?

16. Who were the three men who served as President of the United States in 1841?

17. What is the only animal that cannot jump?

18. Who founded the world's first take-out library?

19. How many gasoline-powered automobiles were in the United States in 1895?

20. Who was the first person to fly an airplane in the continent of Australia?

21. When is the sun closer to th earth - in July or in December?

22. Before the Civil War broke out, Abraham Lincoln offered the command of the Northern forces to who?

23. Fahrenheit and Centigrade thermometers read exactly the same at one temperature. What is it?

24. Who was the heaviest U.S. President to date?

25. Who invented the rocking chair?

26. What prisoner in the Ohio State Penitentiary helped design its first electric chair?

27. What is the only state in the United States that has never had a foreign flag fly over it?

28. Who invented the potato chip?

29. It was first invented in France in 1863 and initially consisted of beef suet, warm milk and sheep-stomach lining. What was it?

30. James Ross, of the law firm Ross, Feinberg and Grossman, and vice-president of a Los Angeles bank was the great grandson of who?

31. What is the English word that has a single vowel that is repeated six times?

32. How far do you have to count before using the letter A in spelling a number?

33. How does one know which is the left bank and which is the right bank of a river?

34. Is a person who is excessively thirsty suffering from kleptomania, polydipsia or myopia?

35. If you are convicted of the crime of embracery, what have you done?

36. Of what well-known proverb is this a paraphrase? "A nomadic portion of the metamorphosed igneous or sedimentary deposits of the Proterozoic era accumulates no bryophytic plant life."

37. Most of us use it every day in our homes. If we purchased 100 pounds of it, it would contain approximately 87 pounds of water; 4 pounds of fat; 4 pounds of casein, ash and albumin; and 5 pounds of sugar. What is it?

38. Five automobiles lined up bumper to bumper. How many bumpers are actually touching each other?

39. Why does it take longer to hoist a flag to half-mast than it does to hoist it to full-mast?

40. If an elderly man is the scion of a prominent family, is he the founder of the family; a descendant of the family; or the black sheep of the family?

41. Niagara Falls is situated between which two of the Great Lakes?

42. If you were a muscian and were practicing your flams, your flam paradiddles, your double paradiddles, ruffs, and double drags, what kind of musical instrument would you be playing?

43. Considering Italy a boot, is the toe of the boot on the west or east side of the peninsula?

44. How many keys has a piano?

45. Mr. and Mrs. Smith had seven daughters and each daughter had one brother. How many people were in the Smith family?

46. Is the tip of the finger, the end of the tongue or the bottom of the feet the most delicate organ of touch?

47. If your doctor gave you three pills and told you to take one pill every half hour, how long would they last?

48. What fruit has its seeds on the outside?

49. Is a pundit a short pun, a learned person or one who habitaully makes puns?

50. Is a zebra black with white stripes or white with black stripes?

51. If you entered a dark room and had only one match and there was a kerosene lamp, an oil stove and a torch, which would you light first?

52. Which of the following has the greatest sum?
(A) 987654321

(B) 123456789

53. How can you make 1000 by using only eight 8's?

54. Where is the Island of Reil?

55. What is it the occurs once in s second, once in a month, once in a century, yet not at all in a year or a week?

56. A bookkeepper noticed there were two consecutive double letters in the word "balloon." She found other examples, such as "woolly" and "spittoon." Then she tried to think of a word with three consecutive pairs of double letters. She couldn't think of any. Can you?

57. In the following string of letters, a logical sentence may be obtained by removing all unnecessary letters:

58. Why does a whip crack?

59. "Googol" means an enormous number. Can you define it more precisely?

60. There was once (in 1788) a state in the USA called Franklin. Today it is part of what state?

61. "Jackdaws love my big sphinx of quartz." What is remarkable about this sentence?

62. For the Louisiana Purchase the USA paid France less than three cents an acre. What did it pay Russia, per acre for Alaska?

63. Can you, using the same five letters, spell two words that have exactly the opposite meanings? (Both begin with "u".)

64. What seven-letter word contains eight words without rearranging any of its letters?

65. What word in the English language has three dotted letters in a row?

66. The word "startling" can be changed into eight other familiar words by successive deletions, from different places, of one letter at a time. You cannot put a letter back once you have taken it out. What are the eight words?

67. What word, starting with a consonant, is trailed by four vowels?

68. How quickly can you find out what's unusual about this paragraph? It looks so ordinary you'd think nothing was wrong with it at all - and in fact, nothing is. But it is unusual. Why? Study it, think about it, and you may find out. But you must do it without coaching: I'm not going to assist you in any way. No doubt, if you work at it for a bit, it will dawn on you. Who knows until you try? So hop to it, try your skill and pray for luck. Par is about half an hour.

69. What do you call a group of foxes?

70. What do you call a group of bears?

71. The earth's lines of latitude run parallel to what?

72. Which planet is so far away from the sun that it never has sunlight?

73. Do planets ever move out of their orbit?

74. What was Bonnie's last name in the Bonnie and Clyde duo?

75. What are people called who don't have settled homes?

76. What was the 50th US state?

77. Who has a four foot six inch nose and a forty-two foot long arm?

78. What is the longest bone in your body?

79. What kind of animal is a Burro?

80. Is the bow of a boat at the front or the back?

81. What ingrediant makes bread rise?

82. What economic-political theory was developed by Karl Marx?

83. In what country would you find Liverpool?

84. What is formed when two straight lines meet and is measured in degrees?

85. What is the longest coral reef in the world?

86. What is the main ingredient of glass?

87. Paul Revere's famous ride took him from Boston to where?

88. Which is the longest of all snakes?

89. What does supersonic mean?

90. What continent is the largest in area?

91. What is the capital city of Norway?

92. What is the name of the flag of Great Britain?

93. What do we call the ends of the earth's axis?

94. What are homonyms?

95. What is another name for "stylus" or "quill"?

96. Does an adjective moderate a noun or a verb?

97. What kind of verb has no receiver of the action?

98. Who was the first animal named to the Animal Hall of Fame in 1969?

99. What do we call the covering of tiny ice crystals that form on cold surfaces?

100. What three countries are sometimes called "Scandinavia"?

101. What were Egyptian kings called?

102. What is an American space traveller called?

103. What must a plant have to produce food?

104. What period of history began with the fall of the Roman Empire and ended with the Renaissance?

105. How many Olympic rings are there?

106. What makes the sun rise and set?

107. What mountain range is predominant in Switzerland and Austria?

108. What is acting without words called?

109. What kind of animal is a Gaur?

110. If a woman was to have quintuplets, how many babies would that be?

111. What is the only animal that migrates?

112. What is the "racquet" called in handball?

113. What is the smallest state in the USA?

114. In which hand does the Statue of Liberty hold her torch?

115. The Arctic is the home of what kind of bear?

116. What is the world's fastest dog?

117. Who invented the Braille alphabet (for the blind)?

118. Are sweet peas a plant or a vegetable?

119. What is still considered the largest animal alive today, weighing as much as thirty elephants?

120. What do we call the decoration stitched onto cloth with a needle and thread?

121. What is the capital of Scotland?

122. What is another name for England, Scotland and Wales?

123. In what city would you find the Arc de Triomphe?

124. Who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?

125. How deep is the deepest part of the ocean?

126. What were the first hoola-hoops made of?

127. What do we call the spoiling of air, soil and water by waste?

128. Where is Le Louvre?

129. What is the fluid that nourishes our body and removes waste products?

130. What do you call it when one country buys a product from another country?

131. What was Pablo Picasso's profession?

132. What do you call it when one country sells its products to another country?

133. Are there sounds in outer space?

134. What famous French girl freed France from England in the early 1400's?

135. What do we call it when we dig minerals out of the earth?

136. What do Tibetians do as a sign of respect?

137. Which one of Long John Silver's legs was peg-legged?

138. As you get closer to the equator does it get warmer or colder?

139. What do we call the force that holds things on the earth's surface?

140. All planets move in a path around the sun. What is this path called?

141. What do we call the thousands of tiny planets in our solar system?

142. What do we call the "floating signposts" for sailors?

143. How many weeks are in a year?

144. What was the number of the Apollo mission of the first man-moon landing?

145. On what anniversary would a "silver" gift be suitable?

146. Espresso and Cappucino are types of what?

147. What is the name for a group of bright stars that can be seen without a telescope?

148. If a human has all his teeth, how many does he have?

149. What happens to a word when you add the prefix "im"?

150. What is an animal's long winter sleep called?

151. What is common to Marsupials?

152. What is the fastest moving snake?

153. If you were standing in Red Square, where would you be?

154. What do vampire plants live on?

155. What color ribbon is awarded for finishing first?

156. Who was the second man (after Neil Armstrong) to walk on the moon?

157. Where does wool come from?

158. What instrument measures temperature?

159. What is the fastest creature in the oceans?

160. What animal is born six feet tall?

161. Does a Dromedary camel have one hump or two?

162. Is a Guinea Pig a rodent or a pig?

163. What is Santa Claus in Indiana?

164. Which city has canals as streets?

165. What is sleet?

166. What is a diamond made from?

167. What is a sphinx?

168. What do we call a plant that cannot make its own food?

169. How many rings does a tree trunk grow each year?

170. What are the group of mammals that feed mainly on the flesh of other animals?

171. What language is spoken more than any other?

172. Who was the first man to fly across the Atlantic Ocean alone?

173. What is the title of the head of the United Nations?

174. How many zeros are there in a billion?

175. What US city is nicknamed "The Windy City"?

176. What is Winnie the Pooh's real name?

177. What flies forever and never rests?

178. In which country would you find the Gobi Desert?

179. What is the name given to a young frog?

180. What is the name given to a young goat?

181. What odd mammal is almost totally covered by "bony plates"?

182. How long can a whale stay under water between "blows"?

183. What is the name of the United States' President's airplane?

184. Where is the Alamo?

185. What does boiling water turn into?

186. What is a very popular, thick, sour tasting, custardy kind of milk food?

187. What were the first words spoken over the telephone?

188. What is Big Ben?

189. Who assassinated President John F. Kennedy?

190. What is the head of an American Indian tribe called?

191. What is the capital city of the state of South Dakota?

192. What would you call one who studies rocks?

193. In what country would you find The Yukon?

194. What is caused when you rub two things together?

195. How many legs does an insect have?

196. What are Holsteins and Jerseys?

197. What is the name given to a young fox?

198. What is the name given to a young hare?

199. What do we call a huge group of stars that are close together?

200. What is the capital of Belgium?

201. What do we call the mouth of a river where fresh water mixes with sea water?

202. The earth's lines of longitude are also called what?

203. If it is spring in the Northern Hemisphere, what season is it in the Southern Hemisphere?

204. What US President was assisnated while attending a theater?

205. What is the main component of bones?

206. What is the largest lake in the United States?

207. What is the capital of Egypt?

208. What is the largest waterfall in the world called and where is it located?

209. What do you call the study of living things and their surroundings?

210. What is the capital of Switzerland?



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